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The Magnetudes StoryMagnetudes Slippers

For centuries it has been believed that magnets possess special properties. These properties are thought to promote an increased sense of well being. By placement at strategic locations on the body as under the foot, magnets are believed to reduce minor aches and pains for many people.

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Dearfoams, the leader in comfort footware products for in-and-around the home, has now combined years of experience in making the world's most comfortable slippers with the addition of soothing magnets.

Magnetude Slippers make the perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about.


Pregnant women and persons using pacemakers, insulin pumps or transdermal drug delivery patches should avoid using magnetic comfort products. Do not use magnets over an open wound. Keep magnets away from credit and banking cards, computer discs, tapes,watches and other electronic devices to avoid loss of information. If aches or pains persist, see your physician.